3 Clinical Studies that Formed the Basis for Provitalize

October 11, 2018

Provitalize ingredients have gone through many recent clinical studies and garnered strong supporting data.

Here are 3 key clinical studies that have formed the basis for Provitalize:

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, 210 people took L. gasseri over 12 weeks. Researchers found that they lost 8.5% of body fat on average, especially on their belly and hip area. This was in fact achieved without any changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Another study from the Journal of Nutritional Science showed that B. breve significantly lowered fat mass... and even C-reactive protein, an inflammatory protein often elevated in obese people.

And in a study led by University of North Parana-Unopar, a group of 51 patients took B. lactis for 45 days. They ended experiencing a lowered BMI, cholesterol level and even the “bad fat” level. Scientists even discovered they had lowered levels of inflammatory proteins.

This means your body can burn calories more effectively and generate more energy… which is why Provitalize users can fit into their smaller jeans and even size-9 dresses!

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