How does Provitalize work?

October 11, 2018

If you’re struggling to lose weight, suffering from low energy, uncontrollable cravings and body pain…

Studies suggest that your gut flora is likely in bad shape and your body is silently suffering from chronic inflammation.

Provitalize works through 2 key mechanisms proven in clinical studies.

Firstly, Provitalize restores your gut bacteria using 3 ID-specific probiotics known to help with weight loss.

These probiotics have shown to work in synergy to

- Break down more fat

- Generate more energy

- Heal your gut from harmful bacteria

Secondly, using 3 natural herbs, Provitalize reduces your body’s inflammation so your body can turn on its metabolism and function properly.

This is why Provitalize users:

- Can keep their cravings in control

- Experience reduced body pain

- Have more energy to focus on their work.

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