[1 of 5] Under The Microscope: L. Gasseri SBT 2055 - What’s So Special About This Probiotic?

January 21, 2020

Today we'll be talking about the benefits of active weight-loss focused Probiotic, L.Gasseri SBT 2055!

What is L.Gasseri SBT 2055?

Lactobacillus Gasseri is a natural bacteria strain that originated from our intestines. It belongs to the lactobacillus genus of bacteria, which has long-known to be very safe for use in humans.

L. Gasseri

This good bacteria (aka. probiotic) comes multiple functions such as reducing bad cholesterol, boosting our immunity and improving our digestion, all of which work hand-in-hand to keep us healthy and energetic.

Research & Benefits Found By Scientists

Given its potential, scientists have put this bacteria to the test and it has proven itself to be able to contribute to weight loss in several studies.

One of them was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that involved 87 obese patients in Japan. When scientists fed these patients fermented milk containing L. Gasseri for 12 weeks,they experienced a promising drop in these parameters:

  • 1.1 kg in body weight
  • 0.4 in Body Mass index
  • 1.7 cm in waist size
  • 1.5 cm in hip

Your body slowly shrinks in those stubborn areas  and start looking slimmer especially from the side.

We could simply feel the joy when one of our user said her husband could "finally hug her with his arms fully locked around her".

In another study done in the Milk Science Research Institute, Japan, scientists discovered that this probiotic strain suppressed the activity of lipase in the cells, which means less fat was digested from our food and more of it was being discarded out. 

In fact, their patients were found to be excreting more fat from their body into their feces. This would allow your body to dispose more of the fats in you rather than cling to it.

With moderation, you can start enjoying your good food again!

On top of weight loss, L. gasseri also improves your digestive health and immunity, allowing your body function even better.


How Does It Work?

L Gasseri works by breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and fighting off "unfriendly" organisms that might cause diseases such as diarrhea.

This means you can spend more time hanging out with your family than being stuck in the toilet!


Where Else Can L. Gasseri SBT 2055 Be Found?

Besides our intestines, certain fermented foods contain this probiotic as well, like sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented milk,  Puba or carimã, a Brazilian staple food.
Even though it is present in these foods, they may not be in sufficient quantity to exert observable benefits on you. Many a times, they’d be mixed with other probiotics, even harmful ones. It is better to take a supplement that has the correct dose formulated to observe the effects.


What Are Its Advantages Compared To Other Probiotics?

L. Gasseri is able to thrive at room temperature, which is why you don't need to refrigerate Provitalize.
Interestingly, it has shown weight support potential in multiple studies, unlike most probiotics that lack studies in this aspect.


Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co.

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