3 Reasons For Unwanted Weight Gain (And 3 Natural Solutions)

March 17, 2020

1) Drop-in estrogen levels 

 During peak fertile periods (before perimenopause) layers of fats are accumulated around thehips and thighs getting the body ready to support pregnancy weight.

Hourglass/sexy figures tend to be easy to hold. 

However, with minimal estrogen levels in the body, going through menopause cancause the fat layers to accumulate in the abdomen instead.

This is why the term “Menobelly” or “Menopot” keeps popping up so often.


2)Increased Cortisol level (stress hormone)

When was the last time you experienced a mini panic attack?

2 minutes ago?

Same here.

Various symptoms during menopause like- hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, mood swings, etc, cause anincrease in our cortisol level. 

Various studies have found an increase in fat accumulation amongst women with higher cortisol levels, especially during menopause.

Stressing out over changes in mood, libido, appearance can be a pretty big burden.

This is also the same for men as they get older, just that us ladies have a LOT more to worry about don’t we?

Weight gain during this period goes way beyond just diet and exercise.

The truth is, it’s not as easy as what the slim fitness instructor on that youtube video is preaching.

 Plus, she’s33 for god’s sake.

 What would she know😂 


3)Ageing, pain, and inflammation

This segways into the last reason for menopausal weight gain.

Ageing, pain and inflammation.

The drastic changes in hormone levels cause loss of muscle mass and the reduction of physical activities amongst postmenopausal women.

This can lead to increased fat accumulation and BMI levels.

Joint pains, stiffness, getting tired easily are all contributing factors to why the pounds seem to pile on.

 “Linda, surely you have the energy to jog just 5 rounds around the block right? Think about your health!”

Well, tell that to the sharp pain surging through my knee every time I run.

Age/ pain/ inflammation is a legitimate reason!

But that’s no excuse for not doing anything at all about it.

The good news is that many of the above issues with menopausal weight gain can be tackled by adding some natural superfoods to our daily diet. 

Super Foods For Menopausal Weight Gain

Our formulations aren’t accidents.

We recommended Valerie some superfoods found in our all-natural Menokit supplements- Provitalize, Previtalize & inergyPLUS- which has helped her maintain a healthy weight, especially when she started taking them regularly. 

Here are 3 superfoods that helped reduce bloating & stopping weight from piling on:

1) Inulin, Cholesterol Management

This starchy substance is  extracted from a plant called Jerusalem Artichoke. It is commonly used in traditional medicine for controlling cholesterol levels. 

Nutritional scientists in Canada have also found that it is very useful for easing food cravings, which helps reduce weight gain in the long run.

It is 1 out of 5 of the natural ingredients found in our natural prebiotic- Previtalize.


2) Rhodiola, The Stress Reliever

This natural herb is best known for its ability to lower stress levels and drastically improve both mental and physical performance in women.  

Russian scientists have studied its benefit extensively for the past 70 years and have found that it decreases stress, anxiety and improves brain function.

It is 1 out of 6 of the super ingredients found in our natural energy supplement - inergyPLUS.

3) Probiotic Strains- L. Gasseri, Weight Gain Stopper

This is a rare probiotic which is popularly known as ‘beneficial bacteria’. 

A randomized, double-blind human study showed a positive impact on weight loss amongst menopausal women, after consuming L. Gasseri.

This probiotic releases GLP-1, an appetite-reducing hormone, which helps our body burn calories fast. It also helps to reduce fat storage in the abdomen and BMI, in the long run.

It is 1 out of 3 of the probiotic strain found in our popular product- Provitalize.


Therefore, to help Valerie on her weight loss journey, we asked her to try our Menokit for 4 months regularly…

And she managed to lose5lbs in 2 monthswith the - Inulin, Rhodiola and Probiotic strain (L.Gasseri) found in- Provitalize, Previtalize & inergyPLUS.

Be Like Valarie. B!

 “I’ve been on the Menokit for about 3 months now and I love it. I lost 5 lbs in 2 months and I see a vast improvement with my bloating too. It has also improved my metabolism and increased my energy levels. I love it!”

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