5 Effective Tips: To Get Results From Our Products

March 12, 2020

From what we’ve gathered from our customers...

Most people can see benefits from our supplements after 2-6 weeks, in other cases, it may take up to 90 days or slightly more for the FULL benefits to kick in. 

So, we listed 5 factors that could cause us to get visible results from our supplements after 6 weeks: 

1. The Severity of Your Deficiency.

Provitalize contains probiotics or “good bacteria” for your gut.

However, in some cases, the amount of “bad bacteria” in our gut might be more in comparison to the “good bacteria”; which means it would take a longer time to bring the correct balance in our entire digestive system (this is a symptom is known as dysbiosis).

Previtalize can be an added benefit to increase the efficiency of these probiotics- as it contains “food” for good bacteria that accelerates colony growth in your gut.

Avoiding dairy for the next 1 week should help you see quicker results as well. If you’re starting to see improvement after, consider replacing with soy or almond milk instead.


2. The Supplement Dosage

We recommend you take 2 capsules EACH of Provitalize, Previtalizerespectively.

This might work better on an empty stomach or 30 minutes after eating; to avoid high levels of acidity in the stomach, increasing the survival rate of the probiotics (1 FULL cup of warm water with this is best).

If you're consuming inergyPLUS, we recommend you take 2 capsules in the morning just before leaving for work. You should enter the office/start your day calm, laser-focused and ready to handle daily pressures.

As advertised, it works great without caffeine.
However, if you’re a coffee drinker you should experience amplified alertness for longer periods of time with a much reduced/non-existent crash.

Pay attention to how you feel leading up to lunch.

You should be feeling confident and calm vs starving/anxious.

This is one of the BIG notable changes for many ladies.

We recommend you take 2 capsules of inergySLEEP. It works best when you take it 30 minutes before getting ready to sleep.


3. Have A Balanced Meal 🍒🥖🥑🍳

Nutritionists recommend a balanced diet as it provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, and dietary factors not found in supplements (like dietary fiber).

This allows us to have an abundant amount of “depending nutrients” which increases our body’s efficiency in absorbing the necessary ingredients from these supplements.

The fastest, most convenient way is to get a small punch of nutrients during a meal?

Grab a pack of roasted (non-salted) almond nuts and keep a few of them in your bag, especially useful should you be eating a “fast food type” meal with a low nutrition count. 🤤


4. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle & Increase Regular Physical Activity 🚴‍♀🧘‍♀🏊‍♀


We call it necessary! 💪

Any activity that burns energy defines “physical activity”- walking, gardening, swimming or even cycling- for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week.

Many customers reported that even light physical activities alter and improve our gut & physical health- by increasing our health-promoting bacteria and enzymes.

With an abundance of health-promoting bacteria and enzymes; we create a nurturing environment for our products- allowing the various natural ingredients and probiotic strains to work effectively. 

You can’t escape from exercise!

Take a walk 😍


5. The Healing Crisis

Okay, this is a big one.

Any change the body goes through (even though it’s good) can have it’s budding pains.

A “healing” crisis refers to the temporary worsening of symptoms as the body expels toxins during the healing process.

A small percentage of users 2-4%, report temporary weight gain over a 3-4 week period before starting to lose weight and more. This is common in women who’ve had issues with their gut before and are now experiencing a “war” in their tummy.
The same group also might experience a small bout of looser stools over a 2-3 day period.

Here’s what to do if you experience a healing crisis:

  1. Cut the Provitalize dosage by half (1 capsule per day)
  2. Maintain Previtalize dosage (2 capsules per day)
  3. Maintain InergyPLUS dosage (2 capsules per day)

If the situation improves, continue for 1 week.

If the situation does NOT improve, cut all inergyPLUS capsules and only take ONE Provitalize & ONE Previtalize capsule per day (morning, before breakfast as usual).

This will give your gut a lighter start, but you’ll start introducing the bacteria in a more gradual way (5-7 days).

Once it’s done, reintroduce the 6 capsule a day plan (as per normal) and observe for 7 days. You should see better results and start experiencing more intense benefits without previous issues.

Drinking plenty of water in between doses of supplements helps to improve the function of our lymphatic system- reducing the “healing crisis” phase.

Do note that if you’re on other medications while taking our supplements, check with your doctor first!



We have broken down the various reasons why our supplements might be taking a long time for a small percentage of customers, if you find yourself in this position, save this email so you can follow the instructions above…
Hope these tips work and give you awesome results like it helped Jessica- after her first 2 months 😍

Feel free to drop us an email, if you have any further queries regarding our products. 

Additionally, do share with us how you’re maximizing our products- so we can spread the love and knowledge with others too! 💗


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