[5 of 5] Under The Microscope: DR Capsules - Not Normal Capsules… Here's Why

January 21, 2020

When we formulated Provitalize with our scientists, we gave huge considerations on how effectively they can be delivered into your body cells. 

You see, our stomach has a really harsh acidic environment. Most of the food that enter it get digested by the acids. When it comes probiotics and other natural active ingredients, we can’t let them be digested as it will ruin their effectiveness.

All the wonderful ingredients in Provitalize would be in vain if they couldn’t be absorbed into and utilized by your body. 

Delayed Release Capsules

Image of DR capsules. Image for reference only. Not actual Provitalize.

Today we’ll look at how DR capsules ensure Provitalize thrives through the stomach and lives up to its performance.

What are DR capsules?

A capsule is a container for the powdered ingredients. Delayed-release (DR) means that the capsule can pass through the stomach unharmed, and only release its content when it reaches the intestine.


It is made of vegetable cellulose and it does not contains any trace of animal by-products like gelatin. Our DR capsule is thus suitable for vegans. 

Benefits Of DR Capsules

DR capsules is made from a special vegetable cellulose called hypromellose (HPMC). This material resists the strong acids in your stomach, protecting the active ingredients from getting digested and destroyed. This ensures Provitalize can reach your intestines effectively, where it will then release the content, get absorbed and utilized to give you the benefits.

It has enhanced stability against moisture. This prevents the ingredients inside Provitalize from getting broken down by humidity in the air,  keeping Provitalize fresh with a long shelf-life.  

DR capsules mask the taste and odor of the ingredients, making Provitalize a lot more pleasant to swallow. No more nasty, muddy taste!

Advantages Over Normal Capsules & Other Delayed Release Alternatives

Normal capsules get digested in the stomach. In fact, many supplements out there fail to work despite having the correct ingredients because they are digested by the stomach acid and there’s hardly anything left to be absorbed when it reaches the intestine. 

Normal capsules are often made of gelatin, which is a by-product from pigs. Animal by-products are an issue for many diet choices. DR capsules on the other hand are made of vegetable cellulose, a perfectly safe choice for most diets. It holds Vegan, non-GMO, Vegetarian society, Halal and Kosher certifications.

Also, DR capsules moisture content is 3 times lower than gelatin, making it more stable for storage in the long run.

When other formulators create delayed release supplements, they may use enteric-coating on the pill. This process utilizes very harsh chemical solvents and strong heating which could destroy the ingredients. DR capsules on the other hand are made using completely natural ingredients and can be used in room temperature, which ensures the quality and integrity of our Provitalize ingredients.

Studies Done On DR Capsules

DR capsules were tested on multiple subjects in Glasgow, Scotland. They were compared with those who took normal immediate-release capsules which disintegrated as soon as it enters the stomach. 

Scientists tracked the disintegration of the capsule and the release of the ingredients, and found that DR capsules started disintegrating 45 minutes upon entering the stomach. The normal capsule lasted only 5 minutes before all the ingredients inside were digested and destroyed. The ingredients inside the DR capsule were maintained and subsequently brought to the intestines.

As the scientists traced the movement of the active ingredients into the intestines, they recorded that the complete release was within 20 minutes. All of the ingredients were effectively absorbed into the body.

On top of that, all subjects had a light breakfast 30 minutes before taking the capsules. The presence of food did not affect the performance of the DR capsules, so you can conveniently take Provitalize before or after food.

The formulation of Provitalize is very complex. And so is our health.

This marks the end of our "Under The Microscope" series.

Now that you understand how Provitalize specially tailors to the complex needs of our body, you can start taking Provitalize with more confidence knowing that this stuff works!


Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co