5 Reasons Why Mothers Make The Best CEO

February 27, 2020

Today we want to share a story of an inspirational woman - who managed to co-found a (now) successful & publicly traded software company whilst being a mother. 

Why is it inspirational? 

Well, she fought a colossal debate that a women’s priority changes once she gets married or becomes a mother. 

Sounds surprising right? However, here are the statistics behind this “theory” -  41% of employed Americans (men & women) perceive working moms to be less devoted to their work.

However, in today’s day & age - with strong and powerful women shining out of this stereotype, we have managed to battle through this stereotype.

Like Marissa Mayer (the CEO of Yahoo), who came back to work, full time, just two weeks after giving birth to her first child…

Or Maria Colacurcio - the co-founder & CEO of a software company - who started her company after her kids were in school. 

Besides being a CEO Mom or managing both their professional and personal relationship- both these women openly advocated and inspired many women to believe that “nothing can stop you from achieving what you want!” 

So, today - we want to share with you some tips or learning lessons we got from Maria Colacurcio’s journey to motherhood & finally being the CEO of her own technological company (basically breaking two massive stereotypes - mothers in the tech industry).

5 Reasons Why Being a Mom Makes You Qualified To Be a CEO.

TIP 1: Thinking ahead & being strategic

This is innate with moms. When thinking of taking your baby anywhere you have to think & prepare for every possible scenario, as well be prepared for things to not go according to plan - all while managing these things in the moment as strategically as possible. 

This is critical in business when thinking about risk mitigation, product evolution, and potential litigation potholes. All of these require the ability to think ahead while strategically optimizing at the moment.

TIP 2: Re-evaluate your priorities regularly 

Children are in constant need of everything. This forces every Mother to prioritize what needs to be done by urgency. Prioritization is non-negotiable, and there is no Mother that doesn’t do it. 

In the business world, prioritization is the difference between being proactive vs. reactive. Usually, most people are juggling so much they’re constantly in reactive mode. 

As a mother, you’re used to this and can take on more than the average person while being able to quickly prioritize the urgent from the nice to have.

TIP 3: Focus on comfort & well-being of others

I don't think anyone can argue about the innate ability women have to comfort their children and others. 

This is especially important in our more diverse workplaces and in a world where putting employees first is often talked about - but hardly executed easily. 

Mothers are well suited for applying their innate emotional intelligence to the challenging world of people management.

TIP 4: Managing many work streams

All Moms have to manage multiple streams of activities when managing their children - feeding, buying food, making food, doctor's visits, play dates, laundry, and managing all the other endless supplies for babies and kids that change with age.

If mothers aren't managing this themselves then they need to manage the people they've hired to help with it. 

They are in effect managing many different workstreams and their prioritization and organization support this important part of parenting. 

Any leader or CEO is essentially doing what Mothers do...managing many different departments that all have unique needs.

TIP 5: Constant learning

Kids are constantly growing and changing. What is required to optimize their growth is different at every age and requires a different set of tools. 

Therefore, Mothers are constantly adapting, reading, studying and learning to tap into their instinct and when to get help. 

This is the skill that is probably the most important when translating it into the business world. The business world is essentially just like a kid, constantly changing and growing, and the rules are shifting by the minute. 

A Mother has no choice but to thrive in a chaotic environment and figure out what is needed to do fast. They're fully equipped to take on the ever-changing business landscape.

So, there we have it - the 5 key learning points you get as a mother which can be easily implemented at your workplace. 

Here’s the thing; it’s definitely difficult to fight against stereotypes & climb the corporate ladder - especially because we have to work twice as hard as men to prove ourselves to be worthy of being promoted after a certain point. 

It’s not an easy journey - it comes with sacrifice, a lot of compromises & hard work. However, in the end, it’s worth it. As you will be inspiring a whole new generation of women to be fearless & fight for their rights, their equality. 

Good luck & hope these learning points/tips were useful. 

How do you balance between your work life & personal life! We would love to hear from you :) 

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