Here’s how menopause has affected different women's health

March 02, 2020

In our last "Get To Know You Better" episode, we asked the community:

“Has menopause stolen your health?"

We've received many vulnerable and emotional descriptions of how greatly menopause has affected them.

Thank you for all your honest and open replies. 

We’ve compiled some of them below:

(By the way, we wrote a blog post on the 3 Stages Of Menopause, including the different symptoms they contain and how long they last menopause)


Yes, it has and I'm feeling really awful. I battle every day and I don't want to be with people. 


Yes, it did. I got everything, hot flashes, gained weight, no energy, aching feet that I can barely stand in my safety shoes...


Yes, menopause is the absolute killer it has taken away everything I was. I have no energy, I'm constantly having hot flushes and the weight gain is the absolute worse because no matter how healthy you eat you have no energy to exercise like you did previously. 


Yes, I have found that Menopause is affecting my life with all the symptoms mentioned above, I have been making every effort to force myself to exercise, get out of bed to get to work, still try to do extra activities on the weekend but it is with great effort.


Yes! In a word! Yes! Weight gain, puffy face, bloated belly no desire to exercise and cravings for salt and sugar. I hate it.


It certainly has. Brain fog. No sleep. every joint ache. Migraine. Weight gain. Night sweats. Hot flushes. Burning soles of feet. Exhausted. No interest in doing anything. Mood swings. The list goes on.


I am 48 years old and went into menopause through surgery at 42. It took a few years for me to feel the full effects of menopause. My health has not suffered much in a physical way, however in the mental health way it has. I never experienced anxiety in the past but suddenly had such severe anxiety I could not drive, at times I could not even drive on local streets. I suffered from this for three years before I finally started to take Lexapro and a few months after increasing my dose have found a good balance and have been able to drive more again. Also insomnia, it was so bad I did not sleep at times for days. I tried taking medicine but did not like what I read about it so decided to find solutions in a holistic way. Now I sleep with a fan on next to my bed, a sound machine and I use scented oils on my pillow and sheets. This combination has worked for me and my sleep pattern has improved alot over the last year. There is so much associated with menopause that I certainly did not know or understand at the time so I truly appreciate that I found this website and community. I am not alone and I am grateful for the support.


Menopause sucks. 😭
Weight gain, low energy, hot flashes. Not sleeping well. Ready to feel better.
Yes it has and I do not like it one bit. I am only 55 years old and I want my energy back and everything else and to feel much better about myself and get back into my clothes. I just hate going through menopause and I did not know when it came over to control my body.

For those of you that are struggling to get by, know that you're not alone.  

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