Here's How You Can Manage Hot Flashes Naturally

March 12, 2020


Why do hot flashes happen?

That’s the question on menopausal ladies minds’ everywhere.

The embarrassing red-flushed face, clammy skin and dripping sweat, which makes us change our clothes 2-3 times a day...

It’s just annoying!

Well, hot flashes are a result of an inflammatory reaction in the body due to several factors...

And, we have compiled 5 top tips from our menopause experts & bloggers efficiently helps manage hot flashes for women worldwide. 

1. Drinking 3 Litres of Water a Day

Hydrating your body helps to control your hypothalamus, by reducing the overall temperature of your body. However, age apparently dampens the body’s thirst signal- therefore, we need to consciously get ourselves to continuously drink water throughout the day.


2. Always Wear Breathable Fabrics

Cotton is a natural fiber, so it breathes well. However, do note that not all cotton is created equal! A thin knit like jersey will be more comfortable than thicker pique cotton.


3. Keep Your Feet Open

Feet help to shed the body of excess heat. Therefore, keeping the feet open to the air allows you to stay cooler. You can just ditch your socks when you can or stick your feet out of the covers at night to cool your body down.


4. Say No To Spicy Foods

Spice tends to heat you up internally, exactly like what happens with a hot flash. Therefore, eating spicy food is like a hot flash and sweat-accelerator. The best thing you can do is limit the amount of spicy food you eat- to help you minimize your hot flashes or at least reduce their intensity.

Also, trigger alert! Alcohol and caffeine also increase the intensity and frequency of hot flashes like spicy food!


5. Take Black Cohosh

This herb has been traditionally used by Native Americans for various medicinal purposes- especially to enhance women’s health. There have been various scientific studies that have stated how Black Cohosh significantly reduces hot flashes in menopausal women.


*On a side note: Black Cohosh is one of the main ingredients in our supplement inergySLEEP. It also has Dong Quai, which has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine to help reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and improve women’s health. We’ve received positive feedback from many women that by adding inergySLEEP to their diet- they have seen significant improvements in their insomnia, hot flashes and night sweats.


We hope these tips help you reduce your hot flashes and night sweats. 

If you have other natural remedies that work- do let us know, so we can share its benefit with our community.