How do you tell if Provitalize is working for you

January 20, 2020

One of the most common questions our customers usually ask is how can they tell whether it’s working for them.

“How do I know Provitalize is working for me?”

The answer is…

“You will start to experience a couple of things the moment you start taking it.”

Before I elaborate further…

Let me share with you what others who experienced dramatic results with Provitalize have said:

BJ Arnold

Feel so much better!

I've used several different types of probiotics and other supplements to help with my belly fat, and Provitalize is the only one that I've really had good results with!

I would totally recommend this product and I'll be purchasing more once I've finished my current bottle.

BJ Arnold


Stomach so much more settled

I've only been using this product just over a week. My stomach is so much more settled, my IBS has nearly gone and I have no pain at all.

Lyndsey F


Carmela S

Excellent product.

What I like thus far: I am able to get out of bed and sit up without joint stiffness nor aching joint. I noticed a difference in less than one month.

Carmela S


This is what usually within the first 30 days...

You may notice significantly less cravings.

You may start to feel a lot lighter.

You may feel less bloated…

And some of you may even notice your tummy and waist losing some fat.

Many customers were surprised at how Provitalize supported their health in just a couple of weeks...

And that's only the beginning.

You see, while many customers start seeing results within 2-3 weeks…

It’s highly recommended to allow for slightly 2 months or more for these unique probiotic strains to multiply and colonize your gut.

And don’t worry, these bacteria is good for your gut.

These are healthy bacteria...the kind you want in your body.

Once you have given them the adequate time to be fully grown and active.

That's when they will start signalling your body to shed off the excess weight.

(This is the key reason why many of our serious, well-researched customers tend to always buy at least 3 bottles...some even 6 bottles at a time)

Just as how the bad bacteria creates a variety of health issues when they are allowed to proliferate in the body through improper diet and unhealthy living...

By committing to a long term course of Provitalize…

These good fat-burning strains will be allowed to fully “take root” and self-multiply…

And your body will begin to experience what we term…

As “a fat-burning-and-repelling multiplier” effect.

Just imagine…

Having your body losing weightautomatically on its own!

When that happens…

You will start to see your excess weight and fat falling off effortlessly…

Just like a domino!

“How Would You Like To Experience The Exponential Fat Burning Effect For Yourself?”

Your order is already on its way.

And when you begin to take Provitalize every day…

You’re well on your way to helping your body be in the most optimal state…

To lose weight naturally on its own.

Provided you take Provitalize commitedly!

Whether it is weeks…

Or even months…

Eventually your body will be at the stage where it will start to lose the fat automatically.

But you have to promise me...

That you commit yourself to taking Provitalize everyday.

The worst thing you can do is to stop taking or miss taking for a week.

It could set you back and even undo the whole process that you have begun when you first starting taking Provitalize...

So keep in mind.

Taking Provitalize every day ensures you have the best chance of getting that livelier, healthier body you deserve.

I’ll talk to you very soon!


Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co