“I Secretly Resent 20+ Year-Olds”

January 30, 2020

One of our Better Body members — Laurie H. from California —  sent us an interesting email:


“Do you know why I started taking Provitalize? I realised that every time I look at 20+ year-old girls in the mall or in the park… I secretly RESENT them for being so skinny and young-looking.
And with Provitalize, I hope I can get back just a little bit of how I used to look when I was in my 20s… so I won’t resent those girls as much”


We found what Laurie shared really interesting…

Because we realised we do the same thing whenever we see some young lady on the streets.

We just wish we can look how we did back then when we were younger.

The smooth skin…

The healthy body we’re proud of…

And that youthful energy that just never seems to run out.

Now, while we can’t turn back the clock… 

We CAN still retain some semblance of how we used to look and feel when we were younger.

And there’s a natural way to do it too :) 

It’s called Moringa — a tree native to India and countries in the Himalayan region.

The oil from its leaves have been used since ancient times in Rome, Greece and Egypt to help protect the skin.

It has skin-healthy nutrients like Vitamin A — which helps build collagen in the skin.

Collagen plays a major role in strengthening the skin… plus supporting elasticity and hydration.

This means more supple skin even as we age :) 

Another great thing about Moringa oil is that it contains Vitamin C which helps support reduction in fine lines and wrinkles…

And also contains Vitamin E — which has healing and anti-inflammatory properties to fight off any toxins that may harm/damage the skin.

Simply put:

Moringa oil is a great natural way to enjoy younger-looking skin.

This is why Better Body members like Laurie take our leading probiotic supplement — Provitalize.

It contains supporting ingredients like Moringa which help support skin health as we age.


The next time any resentment surfaces when a young 20+ year old girl walks by…

Just remember that Moringa oil can help us retain some part of how we used to look and feel when we were at that age too :) 

Which is why Moringa is one of 8 all-natural ingredients in Provitalize - our leading probiotic supplement specially formulated to support women during menopause.

But we didn’t just stop at probiotics and natural herbs…

We decided to put together 4 of our best-selling menopause supplements together into one money-saving bundle — so ladies can enjoy the most holistic support in their menopause journey:


#1 Provitalize

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#2 Previtalize

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#3 inergyPLUS

Our natural energy supplement that contains 7 key herbs & nutrients that work to support mental and physical healthy by-fighting fatigue and providing long-lasting energy without jitters or crashes.

#4: inergySLEEP

Our all-natural sleep supplement with herbs like Valerian root that decreases anxiety, calms the mind, and makes it easier to fall into deep, restful sleep quickly.


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