Let’s Celebrate Menopause This International Women’s Day

February 21, 2020

Here at Better Body, we're really excited to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) as a community that is happening on March 8th.

While menopause has been slowing gaining more awareness and attention, there is still much to be done to make it less of a taboo subject and more of everyday conversation. In this aspect, we still have a lot of work to do.

Here at Better Body Co., we envision a future where menopause is not only frequently talked about, but also understood, accepted, and embraced.

Because it's only when these things happen then there can be greater equality for menopausal women in the workplace, community, media, and society. 

We want to use this opportunity to create more awareness and attention to the issues menopausal women face and discuss how we can create more equality for everyone.

We believe that:

- Having menopause does not mean that we're old

- Having menopause does not mean that our lives are over

- Most importantly, having menopause does not mean that we are any less beautiful, amazing and powerful

It is this reason that we started Better Body Co.:

From stressed out mums trying to make it past a rough week to empty nesters who want to improve their relationships with partners…

Better Body Co started as a natural alternative to help women go through menopause with ease. 

Our goal for everyone is simple: Healthy, symptom-free and always have the option to do the things you love (hiking, eating, going for walks, camping, etc) with the people you love...

While empowering women to excel and succeed in whatever you want to do -- be it career, family, charity, passion or hobbies.

IWD is an important event for all of us as women as it aims to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women.

The theme for this year is #EachforEqual, which an emphasis on raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

Closer to the date itself, we're also revealing something special to our community. We know you're gonna love it :) But more on this later.

We would like you to join us in helping to raise more awareness and promote gender quality in our lives.

Want to be part of this amazing movement? Here are 5 things you can do

Join Your Local Events

Each year, International Women's Day events are held worldwide: gatherings, conferences, exhibitions, you name it. There are also online forums, communities, and engagement that you can participate in. 

Can't find any in your city: Use this search function on IWD's website to find out more:


Promote Gender Equality In Your Workplace And Community

Take this opportunity to promote gender equality in your workplace, community, and even home. It can be as simple as holding an IWD lunch, profile some of your organization's inspiring women, send an email to staff to raise awareness or encourage the team to share more about how they can the workplace more equal for everyone.

Do Something Special For A Woman You Love

Whether it's your boss, colleague, friend, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or girlfriend - use this opportunity to make them feel appreciated, loved and cherished.

It can be as simple as sending them flowers, writing a card, giving a small gift or taking them out for lunch. Nothing is too small to show our love and appreciation for the women around us.

Join The Conversation

Over the next few days, we will be discussing on more ways we can help create true equality for us women, especially during menopause. We will also be sharing stories of amazing women who have encouraged, empowered and inspired us.

Keep a lookout for these emails, let us know your thoughts and share them with others will benefit from them. 

If there's anything else you would like to find out more or contribute to the conversation, feel free to let us know!


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