PREBIOTICS: Lose weight 500% faster?

January 20, 2020

While it usually takes around 60 days or more for these fat-burning strains in Provitalize to fully colonize and multiply…

It's actually possible to accelerate this process with the right kind of prebiotic.

And after months of formulating and testing…

We've created a unique prebiotic formula that is able to accelerate the benefits of Provitalize by as much as 500%!

We call it Previtalize.

Previtalize is an enhanced prebiotic that’s uniquely designed…

  • To reduce stress
  • Improve mood and emotional well-being
  • And even improve sleep quality

All while accelerating fat loss in the body.

What makes Previtalize truly unique and superior than other probiotic supplements…

Is its natural blend of herbs that help your gut…

  • Readily absorb nutrients
  • Reduce gas
  • Bloating and stomach upset


5 Ways Previtalize Helps Accelerate Your Fat Loss

1. Increase effectiveness of Provitalize (aka stronger weight loss effect)

Previtalize is made up of several types of “resistant-starches”.

And even though they are mainly made up of carbohydrates…

They do not act like “normal” carbs in the body.

Instead of getting digested…

They pass through the stomach intact (without raising blood sugar) and wind up in the colon...

Where they are being “fed on” by the bacteria in your digestive system.

What this means is when you take Previtalize together with Provitalize…

The prebiotic will become food for the Provitalize bacteria…

Helping the fat-burning bacteria to grow faster and flourish in the gut...and increasing the effectiveness of Provitalize.

2. Burn body fat and keep them off…forever

Research has shown that taking the prebiotic found in Previtalize…

Leads to “significantly increased fat oxidation.”

In other words, when you take Previtalize…

Your body will burn off more fats in the fat cells.

But that’s not all.

The most exciting thing is this.

The study also concludes it could lead to "decreased fat accumulation in the long-term”.

To put this in simple terms…When you take Previtalize every day for the long term…

Not only will it help you lose weight but…

It could also help you to keep the fats off forever!

Isn’t that amazing?

3. Reduce Stress and improve stress management

You probably already know that chronic stress is one of the biggest cause of weight gain.

What’s worse is…

Most of the fat will also be deposited on the belly area (not good if you want a flatter tummy).

When the body is experiencing high levels of stress…

Not only will it cause us to overeat(yes we will eat much...much more than we know we should...But we just can’t help it),

We’ll experience unwanted craving for unhealthy snacks.(it’s so tiring to try to resist them all day's just so much easier to just give in…)

High levels of stress will also “signal” to your body to prioritize storing fat over everything else.

So, one of the most important thing you must do to lose weight is…

To reduce your stress level.

Unfortunately, reducing stress is not always easy.

There are many family, lifestyle and external circumstances outside our control.

But the good news is…

Previtalize can help you lower stress levels…

AND improve your response to stressful triggers and events.

In other words…

Taking Previtalize every day for long term will…

Lead to lower stress and eventually…

A much more flatter tummy.

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4. Improve Mood and Curb Emotional Eating

Besides reducing stress levels…

Previtalize also increases serotonin production in your body.

Serotonin is often called “the happiness and contentment hormone”.

And higher serotonin level is often associated with a more stable emotional and better mental well-being.

(It will also indirectly reduces stress levels in your body)

Now here’s where it gets very interesting.

Studies have shown serotonin is actually a natural appetite suppressant found in our body.

Lower levels of serotonin are often associated with weight gain.

So when serotonin levels are down…

We'd crave more refined donuts and muffins.It’s one of the biggest cause of food binges and emotional eating.

On the other hand…

When your body has higher levels of this powerful hormone serotonin, it will curb food cravings and significantly reduce your appetite (in an optimal and healthy way of course).

It will also makes you feel satisfied when your body has enough to eat…

Which is how the body is supposed to be.

And the result?

Less food intake will lead to healthy natural weight loss.

5. Improve quality of sleep

Did you know that…

A lack of quality sleep will cause fat gain?

Too little sleep increases the concentration of a hormone that makes you feel hungry all the time…

While suppressing a powerful hormone that would have signaled satiety and food satisfaction.

When this happens...Even when you’re full…

You’ll still have the uncontrollable urge to want to eat more and more.

What’s worse?

When you attempt to lose weight…

When you are not getting enough food…

Most of the weight you lose will actually come from lean body mass… instead of fat!

So the end result is your body holds on to stubborn fat (which is bad for you).

While it burns off your lean muscle for energy (which is super bad for you).

When you take Previtalize, one of the amazing side benefits (besides weight loss) is that you will notice it helping you to sleep better.

This in turn will boost the powerful hormone that signals satiety and food satisfaction.

When you take Previtalize every night before you sleep…

You get to sleep soundly at night and wake up fresh in the morning…

While losing fat at the same time.

But that’s not all.

You see, when you consume Previtalize every day, you will also experience a host of other benefits which include:

  • Improved glucose metabolism
  • Better digestion and improved digestive functions
  • Naturally supports and maintains health blood sugar level
  • Enhanced and strengthened immune system
  • Increased absorption of important nutrients like magnesium and calcium
  • Stronger joints and bone density
  • Improved brain functions
  • Reduction of water retention and bloatedness

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Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co

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