Provitalize customers have been telling us...

January 20, 2020

Here are a few emails that were forwarded to us from happy customers (:

Ashleigh J


I’ve been searching for the right probiotic for years. I’ve also sought a way of managing inflammation in a convenient, natural & consistent way.

It was beyond my wildest dreams that I’d actually find a product to assist with weight loss without rigorous effort.

Provitalize offers all of these benefits! I’m 10 pounds lighter than a month ago, have no inflammation in my joints and believe that I desire healthier foods overall.

This product has earned my loyalty and recommendation. I support anyone to give it a try.

- Ashleigh J


Shannon M

Worth Every Penny

Not only have I noticed my cravings & weight decrease, I've noticed my pain levels have decreased.

I live with chronic pain & migraines. The anti-inflammatory ingredients are what made me try Provitalize initially. The weight & fat loss are a great bonus.

- Shannon M

Two questions they tend to ask after losing 10-20 pounds are:

  1. Can certain types of Probiotic really help with weight loss?
  2. Is there a catch?

For a long time, scientists have always known that the bacteria in our gut affects many of our body functions, such as:

  • Digestion
  • Immune system
  • Skin conditions

For people above 40, certain types of gut bacteria may even cause illnesses like…

Diabetes, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s...

And now, recent research has confirmed that our gut bacteria affects our weightas well:

  • It affects how much calories and fats will be absorbed in the body
  • It affects the way our body store fats
  • It affects certain weight loss hormones in the body

After we discovering just how the bacteria in our gut can have such a dramatic effect on our weight…

We knew in our “gut” that this discovery may be the key to long-term weight loss…

We went on to devote more than 10,000 hours…

Sifting through research papers…

Speaking to top experts…

Verifying medical stats...

And the final result...Provitalize.

Now the reason Provitalize is so effective and potent…

Is due to its special formulation…

That combines 8 super ingredients that work totally in sync together.

One of the main ingredients of Provitalize is L. Gasseri.

Many research studies have shown that L. Gasseri can help you reduce belly fat, even when the subjects made no changes to their diet or exercise.

In a medical study, a test panel of 210 subjects took L. Gasseri over 12 weeks…

And subsequently lost an average of 8.5% of belly fat…all without any change in their diet or lifestyle.

That's as good as shedding 10 pounds off your body!

But the truth is...12 weeks is a long time for a lot of people.

Some people may stop taking the supplement after that time.

So to speed up the process, we’ve added 2 additional unique probiotic strains…

And 3 powerful herbs…

To further enhance its weight loss effectiveness.

Now you may be wondering to yourself...

“What’s the catch?”

The real truth is, it does takes a while for the fat burning probiotic strains to grow in your body.

Everyone’s internal gut bacteria is very different and no 2 people are alike.

The ingredients in Provitalize will have a immediate effect on some people while it will take a slightly longer time for others.

So for the few people who don’t see any visible results after 2 weeks…

Give your body more time for the ingredients to do their work.

After all, you're protected by our 90 days money guarantee!

Customers who understand this and continue taking it consistently…

Are the ones who see the best results.

Stay tuned!


Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co