The Struggles Of Menopausal Women In The Entertainment & Fashion Industry

February 28, 2020

“Now that my periods have stopped, what am I?” 

Womanhood has been historically marked with the start of periods. Well, then what do we become when our periods stop? 

When the unalterable age of Menopause hits a woman - she is left confused & frustrated. 

As she starts struggling in all sorts of ways: physically, mentally & even emotionally, with menopausal symptoms - like - hot flashes, unflattering weight gain, insomnia, bloating, mood swings; just to name a few. 

This makes us feel less beautiful, as we struggle to find our old selves back. 

Now, can you imagine how this would affect somebody in the entertainment of the fashion industry? Their job is to look beautiful & empower other women to feel beautiful too. 

However, after a certain age - we start seeing typecasts & discrimination. This comes with a loss of opportunity, a drop in pay/wages or even going through the pressure of constantly looking paparazzi ready.


Well, back in the 50s & 60s - these actresses & models would move in with their “happily” married life - taking care of their children, accepting the fact that their career has ended. 

However, in today’s day & age - many women have stepped forward to share their struggles - especially after they hit their 40s. Let it be nasty comments from “haters”, being neglected on film sets or not being recognized by fashion designers to walk the runway. 

Let’s understudy their struggle & what they did to overcome them to find an equal and powerful stand in their respective fields. 

#1 Cynthia Nixon

The former Sex & The City star revealed that she and her wife Christine Marinoni experienced menopause at the same time and praised the “freedom” of going through it. 

She did admit that after her fame with Sex & The City - she was at the peak of her stardom, getting opportunities with agencies, brands & had a lot of TV series under her belt. However, after the 40-year-old mark - those opportunities started dropping. 

However, that didn’t stop her from embracing menopause. She saw the positive side of it & wanted to empower other women going through menopause to see it the same way. 

Calling menopause “freeing” & letting the world know “there has been no sadness for me, because once you hit 50, you’re done”...

Done with what, you would think? 

She said, “Although, I have a 6-year-old, the freedom that comes from no longer being fertile is huge!” 

Well, that's a refreshing point of view - amongst all the negative connotations that cloud the concept of jarring & stressful menopause, isn’t it? 

She also disclosed that the symptoms she experienced while going through perimenopause, taught her a lot. 

“You can have all these crazy mood swings but you can also learn from them: they’re not a mirage”, she said. Speaking candidly about her symptoms, she jokingly added, “I have hot flashes and a lot of hormonal mood swings, but just like when you get emotional before your period, it doesn't mean that the crazy you.”

#2 Lorraine Kelly

The popular TV host spoke about her difficult experience with menopause, which left her feeling “flat” and like she was “losing control” which triggered “unbearable anxiety”.

She admitted that despite her success, she suffered personally over the years. 

“Things may look glossy in my world, and I know some people see me as this golden girl because I’m on telly and smile a lot, but it makes me laugh because I’ve had struggles just like everyone else.” - Lorraine Kelly

Now imagine; along with these internal struggles - menopause creeps up on you, along with it’s pesky symptoms - it would gradually make things worse & worse, until one day it gets unbearable. 

This is when we need to start accepting the fact that we are no longer young & have reached the inevitable state of menopause. 

This brings a sense of relief - as you start to understand your own actions, own up to them and share your struggles with your loved ones. She promotes the idea of being open & honest with the people around you about your internal struggles - as it brings light to the matter and you don’t have to suffer in silence. 

#3 Carol Smillie

She was once the most glamorous tv personality - with her winning smile & much-envied figure. 

However, the former presenter has revealed how menopause has caused her to thicken around her middle and the skin on her chest to wrinkle. 

As she started noticing the changes in her body, so did the world - constantly criticizing, comparing & discussing. However, that didn’t stop her from reigning to the top even after going through “the change”.

She said “there’s a definite change in your body and you know, I didn’t quite like that. But why should I be any different from anyone else!”

The minute we start seeing physical changes like - losing your waistline or seeing wrinkles around your body…

We start to dress differently because we think ‘right that doesn’t make me look my best, I’m going to go for a bit more draping around there - sticking to skinny bottoms & baggy tops’. 

However, that’s what we should avoid and she learned it the hard way.

She said; “I find it funny when women think they look awful or feel awful, rather. No! It’s not awful, it’s a beautiful time of your life - as you start on a new journey, a new adventure begins”. 

Honestly, these women are really inspiring. They have gone through so much in their life - lost job opportunities, got constant criticism from people and so much more. 

Yet, they get up every morning to go and do their job - not caring one bit about what people have to say about them as they believe in what they do & believe they are good at it. 

So, you might have experienced hot flashes, unflattering weight gain, anxiety, mood swings and so on - but the first step is acceptance. Accept that this is just a part of a change, which is part of being a human. 

We should evolve ourselves and shouldn’t fear that change. 

You’re not alone, you know? Every woman goes through this. So instead of feeling frustrated & confused - talk about it, accept it, look out for the silver lining and don’t forget to constantly educate yourself on this matter.  

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