"What Are You Taking?"... Know Your Provitalize ✔️✔️✔️

January 21, 2020

Hi Better,​

We're so excited as you all receive your orders within this couple of weeks.

And this is the perfect time for us to go through a 5 part content series called "Under The Microscope" where we take a closer look at the different active ingredients in Provitalize.

You see, many of us may have jumped on supplements (weight loss products, appetite suppressants, probiotics etc) without understanding what the ingredients do.

We know we're guilty at some point in time too!

This lack of information creates misaligned expectations and frustration with products.

Which is why...

Our "Under The Microscope" series aim to give you a better idea of the functions of each ingredient and how they impact different parts of your body!

So the next time your husband, relatives or friends ask "what are you taking"...

You can explain with full confidence!

Many customers experience "baby results" like less bloating, more energy, less cravings within a week...

But only towards the end of the month do they realize that these small compounded effects are the ones creating bigger results when you look back.

Provitalize works because it disrupts the little negative patterns in your lifestyle (cravings, snacking, sugary foods).

This is what gives you and our customers natural, gradual and consistent weight loss!

Patience & consistency, while not the sexiest ideas, are what will ultimately give you "overnight" results.

And by educating yourself on what you're consuming, you will

  • Be able to lead a healthy life
  • Be able to tell how a product is working for you
  • Stand the best chance of achieving your health goals

Stay tuned for our Under The Microscope (UTM) content series!


Linda Summers
Happiness Manager
Better Body Co

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