“Why do I keep gaining weight even though I’m watching my diet?”

February 18, 2020

This is probably the number 1 question running through the minds of ladies around the world…

And with good reason too.

Lots of ladies wrestle with weight management — especially when they enter their 40s…

And it just seems like no matter what they do, the weight just keeps piling on :(

Well, we’ve realized that it probably boils down to 3 main factors:

1. Not drinking enough water

Water is vital for our survival — and it’s vital for ensuring our bodily functions run optimally.

Things like metabolism & fat breakdown can severely be affected when the body is not sufficiently hydrated

So we highly recommend ladies to drink 8 glasses of water a day — so that the body can function optimally and break down fat efficiently.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Studies have shown that when people don’t get enough sleep…

They have increased levels of a hunger hormone called ghrelin AND decreased levels of the “fullness” hormone called leptin.

This can lead to overeating and weight gain if we are not careful… simply because the body constantly feels that it’s not getting enough food.

The simple solution?

Try to get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible every night.

3. Not taking the right probiotic

Everyone knows that probiotics are great for supporting healthier digestion and regularity…

But did you know there are clinically-tested probiotic strains that support weight management as well?

L.Gasseri is one of the unique strains that showed an 8.5% positive impact on weight in a research study done on 210 people in Japan.

This is great news for ladies who are looking to reach their ideal weight faster & maintain it for longer.

This is why we’ve included L.Gasseri into Provitalize — our popular probiotic supplement that’s specially formulated to support better weight management.

With its synergistic blend of probiotics and natural supporting ingredients like — curcumin and moringa…

Provitalize helps ladies to:

  • Support reduction in stubborn fat
  • Support healthier metabolism
  • Slow down fat accumulation
  • Ease cravings
  • Manage bloating
  • Manage hot flashes
  • Soothe obesity-causing inflammation
… And lots more.

[Not seeing results with Provitalize? We’ve compiled 8 tips to get the most out of Provitalize]

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we just need all the help we can get to achieve our health goals.

Whether it’s to help combat weight gain, have more energy throughout the day, ease hot flashes/night sweats, or reduce belly bloating.

Which is why we developed a 100%-natural Meno Kit Plus to help manage these symptoms easier.

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