After 30,000 Bottles Of Provitalize, Here’s What America Is Saying

After 30,000 Bottles Of Provitalize, Here’s What America Is Saying...

Can't seem to lose weight, even after exercising and dieting?

Trying to avoid the calories but your snack cravings always force you to munch another donut?

Are you always too tired to work out?

You are not alone. This condition is what we know as weight loss resistance. These were the problems our customers had before they knew about Provitalize.

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association have revealed that obesity is commonly attributed to a protein in your body called C-reactive protein (CRP). [1]

When your body has high levels of CRP in the long term, it triggers chronic inflammation where your cells are constantly damaged. When your brain barrier is affected, it becomes more open to harmful entities. Toxins and harmful bacteria enter and mess up your brain function. This is where things start to go out of control.

Whenever you finish your meal, your body will produce a high amount of the hormone leptin. This hormone stops your appetite so that you don't overeat.

But when your brain function is messed up due to CRP, it will not be able to recognize the fact that your stomach is full, and keeps sending signals that makes you crave for more food all the time. On top of that, your body can't carry out metabolism like normal, causing all that stubborn fat to build up.

You will just keep sturggling to lose weight and your health deteriorates, which is also known as weight loss resistance.

The image below summarizes weight loss resistance.

  1. Your body has too much CRP
  2. Your brain gets inflamed and messed up
  3. It can't detect leptin when your stomach is full
  4. Your brain makes you crave for more food which worsens your CRP
  5. And this vicious cycle repeats

This weight loss resistance is the root cause of obesity. Recognizing this root cause of obesity, Provitalize was formulated. It contains a special blend of probiotics and natural ingredients clinically proven to help with weight loss resistance, gut health and several other health benefits.

Provitalize works by targeting the root cause: reducing inflammation in your brain and body via CRP levels, while improving your gut flora, helping you to shed stubborn and improve your health in the long term.

And for thousands of americans, they're complaining why they didn’t find something like this sooner!

We’ve been getting a lot of reviews, as many customers were excited to share their progress.

Here are 5 key benefits Americans are sharing about this product.

1. Eliminates Stubborn Fat

Stubborn fat is a big issue, especially if you’re above 40. This is when your metabolism is known to drop drastically. Your body is more prone to inflammation and poor gut health, which exacerbates your weight gain.

A study was done in Japan where subjects consumed a supplement containing L. gasseri found in Provitalize.

And they made some interesting findings. The subject’s bodies had increased lipase activity and were forming bigger fat droplets that were excreted out more easily. [2]

This means your body can collect the fats in you and remove them, helping you to get that slimmer waist.

Just like what Americans are raving about Provitalize.

Joyce B's looking good at 66! See how much weight she's lost...

Lydia lost 15 lbs in 2 months with Provitalize. Even her gut bacteria flora showed improvements in her health checkup!

“I have been known by friends to be the clean eating guru and even talk about feeding my gut bacteria properly to promote health. Yet it wasn't until I started using Provitalize that my weight loss plan really kicked in and not just for a few weeks but several months. Incredibly I have lost over 15 lbs in just 2 months since incorporating Provitalize to give me that extra kick my body needed to drop the excess weight. I even did a repeat gut bacteria test and it showed the it works for me on the inside as well as outside appearance. Definitely a must have!” - Lydia G.

Idania has lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Even her husband, who is her biggest weight critic, has noticed the improvements.

“This is probably the best weight loss/feel good supplement I’ve ever taken and believe me, I’ve tried a bunch of them... In two weeks, my gut has reduced significantly and my cravings have subsided bigtime.. I feel energy but it's not the type of energy you get from energy pills that make you feel like you're harming your body. Even my husband who is my biggest critic has noticed a big difference so he started taking them, Im still in awe, it was nearly impossible for me lose a pound starving myself and exercising and in the last two weeks I’ve dropped almost 4 lbs.. im 42.” - Idania F.

Debby lost 4 lbs after 2 weeks too. Now, she doesn't overeat and the bloating in her belly is gone!

“I’ll admit I was skeptical at first considering I’ve tried every diet and every fad available. I’m about 15 lbs overweight. I’m on week 2 and I notice a decrease in appetite and most notably, I feel fuller quicker and eat a little less each meal. I lost 4 lbs so far. I don’t have that bloat around the belly anymore. I’m not doing any diet programs while doing this, just eating regular food but healthier and in moderation. I have about 10 more to lose but my appetite is more in check. I’ll write a follow up after one full month.” Debby M.

Betsy has seen diminished belly fat, increased energy levels and even more...

People have told Vicki that she looks thinner now. Plus more...

2. Reduces Inflammation In Your Body

Are you too tired to go out with your family or friends? Having digestive problems? Feeling pain for no apparent reason? You’re likely suffering from chronic inflammation, a condition where your cells are constantly damaged and cannot function smoothly.

Americans have talking about how their inflammation symptoms improved after taking Provitalize.
This is where Provitalize is well-known for its natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

A study done by Thorne Research revealed that the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin found in Provitalize is so strong, it even matches that of NSAIDs. But users don’t have to worry about side-effects like gastric pain that NSAIDs are infamous for! [3]

See how Americans are having less inflammation and enjoying a better life.

Dianne and her husband feel better, having less swelling in their bodies and less fatigued. They started losing weight as well.

Caroline who suffers from fibromyalgia has experienced less pain, and even a faster recovery time from her workouts.

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3. Reduces Your Snack Cravings

Binging on the cookie jar after dinner? Snacking on corn chips whenever you’re on the couch? Munching on muffins as you hang out with your friends?

Not an issue for Provitalize consumers.

Americans consuming Provitalize are controlling their cravings so well, they could even say “no” to a chocolate-sprinkled cake put right in front of their face.

Food cravings can be linked to chronic inflammation from CRP, especially in the brain barrier. There are more toxins entering your brain and your brain fails to recognize the high levels of leptin produced when your stomach is full.

When Provitalize stops your body’s inflammation, it naturally reduces your snack cravings.

See what Americans are saying about their reduction in cravings.

Sandra's cravings are well in control. She sleeps better at night, and she's gradually losing the pounds. And she's feeling more energetic too.

“I am happy with Provitalize! My energy level is up and I sleep better at night. I am gradually losing ounces every day! I like seeing progress even if it is only 2 ounces. I have better self-control in my eating and I feel satisfied after each meal. Thanks for your product!!” - Sandra G.

Dianne has curbed her hunger and cravings. Her digestive health feels better and she has lost 7 pounds.

"I have just completed my first month of Provitalize and I am very happy with the results. I’ve lost 7 pounds! It has definitely curbed my hunger and cravings. More importantly my digestive system is feeling and working better than it ever has and it feels great!" - Dianne C.

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4. Improves Your Gut

Often feeling bloated? Indigestion making you feel queasy? Trust your gut feeling. Something is wrong inside, and you need a boost of healthy probiotics.

Many Americans said their gastrointestinal issues have improved after taking Provitalize.

When L. gasseri was used on over 900 subjects in France, it was found to reduce the severity of digestional issues and cut down dehydration due to acute diarrhea by over 60%. [4]

This means less trips to the doctor for your gut problems!

See how American’s gut health has benefited from Provitalize.

Aimee's IBS has improved dramatically after 3 weeks! She now takes takes Provitalize as her only dietary supplement instead of mixing and matching 3 different supplements.

“I am a type 1 diabetic and have IBS, which already sets my metabolism back substantially. It feels like there is almost nothing I can do with diet and exercise to increase my metabolism, even when my diabetes is under control. With Provitalize, instead of 3 different supplements, I am now taking only 1. And after 3 weeks, I've already seen my IBS improve dramatically.” - Aimee D.

Susan's gastrointestinal issues are gone. Plus she's been losing 2 pounds a week!

"I started Provitalize six weeks ago. I did not believe that it would have any effect on my weight, and just hoped that it would put an end to my gi pain. The only other time I tried probiotics ended up with me suffering from worse pain than ever. I am a skeptic and avoid purchasing expensive dietary supplements that I feel are no better than snake oil. I especially avoid purchasing online from companies that rope their customers into auto renewing. This company does not force their customers to sign onto auto renew. This company's product also really worked so well for me that I may even consider auto renew! My gi issues disappeared the first week. On average I have been losing 2 pounds per week, including that worrisome fat that settles in the middle and can lead to serious future health problems. I can honestly state that this is the first product I have encouraged all the people I care about to try-they, like me, have nothing to lose--they can get a refund any time after all. Thank you, Better Life, for your integrity and commitment to research." - Susan B.

Kelley's sensitive stomach has improved, and would definitely buy this again.

“This product had more good ingredients then most probiotics which usually only have 3 or 4 ingredients. So I didn't get an upset stomach since I have the most sensitive stomach and it helped with my bloating. I am defidently buying this product again and again.” - Kelley W.

Vicki's diarrhea has stopped and her IBS is improving. She even bought it for her husband's gastric reflux and it made his gastric reflux better.

Sue has been taking Provitalize with her daughter. Their gastrointestinal issues have improved and they definitely feel better.

“My daughter and i are both taking so this is my first bottle. We are ordering again. Definitely feel better. Gi issues better. I had been working on this already but provitalize really helped. Seems to keep weight at bay but not sure i am losing from it or the anti-inflammatory plan i am on yet.” - Sue W.

5. Helps Your Joint Pain & Even Your Skin & Nails

Are you massaging your joints to ease the pain? As you age, you are more prone to inflammation which could hinder you from even going out with your family.

Scientists from Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University found that moringa significantly reduced the activity of inflammation proteins such as interleukine-6 & tumor necrosis factor-alpha. [5]

This means your body cells can focus on maintaining themselves, instead of constantly trying to repair damages. You end up with healthier joints and potentially other areas like your skin and nails.

Americans using Provitalize have felt less pain in their body, and they could do the things they love.

Erinn W. has seen a drastic difference in her hair, skin and nails. Her skin has been the clearest in years!

"I have not finished my first bottle yet, but I already see a drastic difference in my hair, skin, and nails. I have had acne since I was a teenager continuing on into adult hood and although I have gotten better at managing it with diet, it is still a problem. My skin is the clearest it has been in years. My digestive system in general is running more smoothly. I do not know yet if I am or have lost weight, but I feel less puffy/bloated for sure. I am looking forward to getting my next bottle!" - Erinn W.

Kimberly's osteoarthiritic knee pain is gone, allowing her to sleep better at night.

Ashleigh has no more inflammation in her joints, while losing 10 pounds and controlling her snack cravings. Provitalize has earned her "loyalty and recommendation"!

“I’ve been searching for the right probiotic for years. I’ve also sought a way of managing inflammation in a convenient, natural & consistent way. It was beyond my wildest dreams that I’d actually find a product to assist with weight loss without rigorous effort. Provitalize offers all of these benefits! I’m 10 pounds lighter than a month ago, have no inflammation in my joints and believe that I desire healthier foods overall. This product has earned my loyalty and recommendation. I support anyone to give it a try.” - Ashleigh J.

Janet Williams from Health Critic Report has lost 5 pounds and is more energetic, allowing her to spend more meaningful time with her family.

With thousands of customers supporting Provitalize, you'll be in this health journey with everyone else.

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As you can see, our customers are happy with a slimmer body and healthier life. Go ahead. Give it a shot!

What if you don’t like the product or worry that you don’t see results? No worries. You’re backed by 365 day money back guarantee, and we're still friends.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Take a look at what customers are saying about our customer support:

We've got Darlene's faith in our business and online business practices. She loved how upfront we were on our details.

Vicki applauds our customer service for being prompt, as we fixed our coupon as quick as we could.

As seen from customer’s reviews above, many of them start to experience better results when they are committed to taking Provitalize for at least a month.

We highly recommend that you give your body a chance, so you can enjoy health improvements in the long run.

When our customers had their family praising them for looking slimmer and feeling energized to work out, they were glad they gave themselves a chance.

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[2] Effect of Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 on Overweight and Obese Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial.

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