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For Busy Customers Who Want To Save An Additional $19 Per Month On & Hate Missing Their Daily Doses…

Introducing "Provitalize Pro"...The Subscription Program That Allows You To Save $19/ Month & Eliminate Weight Loss Resistance Permanently!

Start Your Auto-ship Program At Just $48/Bottle Per Month (Save $19 Every Month)...Easy One-Click Cancellation, 100% Money Back, No Questions Asked.

Still Deciding? Here Are 5 Key Benefits Of Getting On The "Provitalize Pro" Subscription Program:

Never Risk Missing a Dose

It sucks big time when you’re down to your last 3 day supply, rush to your favourite supplement website and realise that it takes 7-10 days to ship out to your address…or worse, that it’s out of stock. We know exactly how annoying & irritating it is to miss a dose, or interrupt a regime that you’ve been working hard for, just because you forgot to order in advance. That’s why we time it perfectly each month to send it to you just a few days before you finish your bottle! Sleep with a peace of mind knowing that your shipment (and waistline) is safe.

One Less Thing On Your “To-Do” List

We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget (which is completely normal). Let us help you shave off 1 more thing off your to-do list so you can focus your efforts on the things that matter, exercising, spending time with loved ones and enjoying life!

Save Big Bucks

We often had customers asking us about having autoship options before we officially launched this VIP program. The moment we sent this out, we had 34 customers snap up this offer immediately, just an hour after sending the email out. Saving that 20-50% can be extremely useful if you’re serious about your gut health as well (we suggest investing the savings into a Prebiotic or digestive enzyme that can assist Provitalize in working faster).

Full Control Over Your Subscription

With PayPal, your transaction & subscription history is safe and easy to access. No need to go through blood-curdling support emails and 30 minute phone-calls on a 1-800 number…all that just trying to cancel an order.  

Decide if Autoship is right for you at a tap of your finger, managing number of bottles received, when you should receive them and pause at any time.

Free Lifetime Shipping & Priority Fulfilment

Who doesn’t like free shipping? I mean logistics costs are a nightmare! Thankfully we got you covered. Because as long as you’re on our Autoship program, you’ll get FREE lifetime shipping, whether it’s 1 bottle, 2 bottles, 4 bottles or 6 bottles, as well as priority shipping.   This means Provitalize will never be “out-of-stock” for you because we’ve already anticipated your order. Note: Some customers are pretty smart and ethically “take advantage” of being a VIP member to order for friends and family (we do encourage that if they live nearby, as long as it’s more cost effective to you)!

Easy & Transparent, How Our "Provitalize Pro" Subscription Program Works:

Select the number of bottles you’d like to be automatically sent to your doorstep each month Click “Subscribe” Fill up the payment field Unlock your bottles at just $48/bottle per month! And the best part? You can unsubscribe any time, at a click of a button.

“What If I Want To Cancel?”

It’s simple, transparent, and FULLY controlled by you.

No need to go through blood-curdling 1-800 phone calls and multiple back & forth emails just to cancel a subscription. Instead, it’s easy, efficient & no-strings attached.

All you need to do is:
1. Log into your PayPal account
2. Select subscriptions
3. Click “cancel”

4. And you’ll automatically will be taken off autoship (but of course we’ll welcome you back with open arms at the initial special price, should you decide to give Provitalize a proper shot).

Would You Like That 20-50% Discount Now?

If you’re interested in being “grandfathered” in at a special lifetime “up to 50%” discount, click on the subscribe button below and create a permanent plan to fight against weight loss resistance!

Select Your Bottle Quantities & Save Now: 
Get On The "Provitalize Pro" Subscription 
Program For Just  $48/ Month!

Provitalize Autoship

VIP Autoship Discount Rates:
1 Bottle Autoship: $48 (Save $19)
2 Bottle Autoship: $86 ($48/Bottle)
4 Bottle Autoship: $120 ($30/Bottle)

Note: If you've already ordered a bottle(s) of Provitalize, we’ll only deliver your subscription in 30 days!

Join Our Wall Of Raving Reviews!

We’re extremely flattered that most of our regular customers are big fans and spread the word for us to their friends and families.

Here are what they’ve been telling their neighbours!

And we can’t wait for you to start adding your mark of success to our ever growing wall as well!

Best Regards,

Linda Summers
Community Manager
Better Body Co

PS: If you’re interested in being “grandfathered” in at a special lifetime “up to 50%” discount, click on the subscribe button below and create a permanent plan to fight against weight loss resistance!

Provitalize Autoship

Here’s how our Auto-ship Program works:

1. Select the number of bottles you’d like to be automatically sent to your doorstep each month

2. Click “Subscribe”

3. Fill up the payment field

4. Unlock your VIP discount!

Unsubscribe any time, at a click of a button.

Here are Step by Step Instructions for Unsubscribing or download PDF Instructions.

FAQ: Some Important Questions 

About Your Delivery...

Q#1: When Can I Expect My Shipment?

Your Provitalize order is on the way from our shipment center in Savannah, Georgia.

Below are the delivery timings so you can manage your excitement:

Expedited Shipping: 1 to 4 days for orders within the US - 5 to 9 days for everywhere else.

Free Shipping: 5 to 12 days for orders within the US - 10 to 21 days for everywhere else.

Q#2: When Do I Receive My Order Confirmation?

By now, you should also have received an email receipt and confirmation from us in your email inbox.

If you haven't, give it another 15 minutes. Do check your spam folder as well, and whitelist contact@betterbody.co so that you can receive our emails.

In the next 10 minutes or so, you’ll be sent a tracking reference number.

Here’s what your tracking page should look like when you click into it:


Q#3: Who Can I Speak To If I Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us any time for enquiries and our Happiness Managers, Bernadine or Stephany will get in touch within 24 hours!

Email: contact@betterbody.co Chat With Us On Facebook Better Body Health Circle Group Phone Line (from 8am to 2pm daily): +1-702-425-4248

Q#4: When Will I Start To See Results From Provitalize?

While most of our customers start seeing and feeling results within the 1st 2 weeks, the range of results (inches & pounds) will vary for each individual based of diets, genetics and other factors. On average, we recommend taking Provitalize for at least 30 days to see changes, although customers have reported improvements in as early as 1 week. Do allow your body some time to adjust and show the effects!

Q#5: Who Is “Maneuver Marketing Pte Ltd”?

Some of our customers were asking who “Maneuver Marketing” was after seeing that charges were directed there.

Not to worry, they are a performance marketing company based in Singapore that we hired to reach out to more people without needing to spend exorbitant amounts on product distribution.

They are the reason why we’re able to keep marketing/ product cost so low despite our premium ingredients. And most importantly, how we’re able to pass on our savings to you!

Please do update us and let us know how well Provitalize has worked for you after your 1st bottle (: