[OLD] How To Manage My Subscription & Update My Info

How To Manage My Subscription & Update My Info

Shopping on Better Body is a breeze as you can manage or cancel your subscriptions and update your billing info any time.

But first off, you need to create a Better Body account so you can save and manage your details.

How To Create A Better Body Account

1. Click “Create account

weight loss subscribe

2. Enter your information and * make sure to use the same email used for your initial order*, then click “Create” to create your account

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3. Check the security check box, then click “Submit”

4. Check your email for our account confirmation email, the subject line found in your inbox will be titled “ Customer account confirmation ”. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder.

5. Click “Visit our store” to confirm your customer account.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created your Better Body account!

How To Manage Or Cancel Your Subscriptions

Note you must have created an account to do this.

1. Go to “My Account

2. Click “Manage Subscriptions”

3a. To manage your subscription, click on “Edit”

3b. Next, you can adjust and customize your subscription (eg. Change when you get billed, increase or decrease the number of bottles you’ll be receiving each month, how long each interval should be, etc.)

4a. If you’re thinking of cancelling instead, click on “Cancel”

4b. Select the reason for your cancellation

4c. Leave us feedback and click “Cancel my subscription”

4d. You should see this confirmation (your order struck out in black with a red “Cancelled” tag, see below). Once you see this page, your order is cancelled and you will not be charged further.

4e. Should you decide to re-activate your order , you only need to come on this page and click on “Reactivate”

4f. You should see this notification, click “ok”

4g. And your order is reactivated again!

How to Update Billing Information

1. Go to “My Account

2. Click “Manage Subscriptions”

3. Click “Billing Information” to view your payment details

4. Locate the current card on file and click “Edit”

5. Re-enter your payment details, then click “Save” to save your updated information That’s it, you’re done!

Video instructions for creating an account & updating billing information:



If you face any issues, feel free to contact us.