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Subject: (pic) Weird probiotic strain helps you poop 15 pounds of "liquid fat"

Love to eat, but hate the gym?

Japanese scientists have recently discovered a fat-burning probiotic strain that helps American women over 40 poop "liquid fat" (losing 12-15 pounds in the process).

All without exercise or agonising diets.

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Here's What Happened...

In a double blind, placebo controlled, multi-centre research, a study was done on 210 healthy Japanese with large abdominal visceral fats (80-187 cm).

The subjects were administered with small concentrations of this ONE probiotic strain (found in breast milk) for over 28 days and fecal samples were collected at the end of the study.

The results:

Not only were emulsified fat droplets in their fecal excretion bigger, the group on average also lost an amazing 4.6% of their original fat percentage and that's wasn't all...

Other beneficial, concrete findings included:

1.4% decrease in body weight (pounds)
1.8% reduction in hip circumference (inches)
1.5% off their waists (inches)

This was without adjusting their diet, changing their workout routines or consuming other supporting weight loss ingredients!
-> Read about this weird probiotic strain (link)

Why MILLIONS of Americans might be trying to lose weight the WRONG WAY

Many women (and men) especially over 40, experience a sudden shifts in metabolism rates, hormone imbalances and mood swings that lead to:

Unexplained weight gain

Uncontrollable cravings

Chronic fatigue & exhaustion...

Even though they might be trying to eat right, working out and doing everything right!

But has it ever occurred to you that your GUT might be the BIGGEST CULPRIT to all these tell-tale warning signs and symptoms of gaining weight?

Anthony L. Komaroff, M.D., Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Letter says:

"The gut bacteria help break down food. Some bacteria are better able to chop food into those smallest pieces that get digested, add calories to our body and thereby tend to increase our weight.

If our guts have more of those kinds of bacteria, it should be harder to lose weight."

Dr Mark Hyman Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine agrees that bad bacteria can impact suddenly putting on extra pounds:

"Bad bugs (gut bacteria) produce toxins called lipopolysacchardies (LPS) that trigger inflammation, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes and therefore, promote weight gain."

Vincent M. Pedre, M.D., Gut Health Specialist & Best-Selling Author adds:

"As a medical doctor who specializes in gut health, I've worked with numerous patients who, despite their best intentions, overlook a primary culprit for weight-loss resistance: an out-of-balance gut."

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IMPORTANT:While there are many probiotic formulas in the market, there are specific strains that help you not only rebalance your gut, but accelerate the fat loss process as well

-> read here.

PS: Here are what raving fans are saying after introducing this fast acting probiotic formula into their day-to day lives!

Lydia G from Oakton VAshares her initial experience:

"I have been known by friends to be the clean eating guru and even talk about feeding my gut bacteria properly to promote health.

Yet it wasn't until I started using Provitalize that my weight loss plan really kicked in and not just for a few weeks but several months.

Incredibly I have lost over 15 lbs in just 2 months since incorporating Provitalize to give me that extra kick my body needed to drop the excess weight.

I even did a repeat gut bacteria test and it showed the difference....so it works for me on the inside as well as outside appearance. Definitely a must have!"

Katie J, a ex-veteran from Palm Bay FL sent us this excited email recently:

"I want to tell you that I have honestly lost 12 lbs!

It seems to have been since I started taking this probiotic! I don’t know but it works for me lol!

I'm a disabled veteran who went through a service accident and it’s hard for me to get out so I don’t go to gyms! I work out at home!

Since I started taking your product I feel different!!

Wow 12 pounds would like to lose another 10! Thank you again! Helping me means a lot!"

Bj, Arnold PHD, a Professor from Pittsburgh PA reports...

"I've used several different types of probiotics and other supplements to help with my belly fat, and Provitalize is the only one that I've really had good results with!

I would totally recommend this product and I'll be purchasing more once I've finished my current bottle."

-> ingredient list & more reviews here

Subject: Heard about the "Skinny Jeans" Probiotic?
Send to un-opens:Weird Bacteria Helps Disabled Veteran Drop 12 lbs Without Exercise!


[Your Name] here.
Couple of years ago...

A good friend of mine and fellow health fanatic, Linda Summers sent me an article talking about a weird healthy bacteria that was helping people in Japan slim down (dramatically).

I felt the research was substantial, credible and interesting but I didn't think much of it (especially since most Probiotics were more for gut health).

But interestingly, last week I received an excited email from Linda.
"I can't believe it [Your Name]!

My team and I just spent the last 6 months:
- shipping orders
- getting buried in thousands of enquiries
- and replying hundreds of excited testimonials, sharing their success stories with us.

We're swamped, but so happy to find out that ladies all over America are "accidentally" losing 10,12,15 pounds by taking our newest Probiotic formula!

Many of them were people who were looking for digestion aids for constipation etc, but they got a WHOLE lot more than that.

People love this so much that many are even buying this in bulk!

You've got to try it.


Now, I knew Linda ran Better Body Co, a natural supplements company in Savannah Georgia with a small research team that focused on gut health (she's extremely knowledgeable in that field).

But I was wondering how Probiotics were able to produce such a dramatic effect on her clients' weight, without diet changes or much exercise...

Until I remembered the article she sent me years ago about that weird bacteria strain discovered by Japanese scientists!

I managed to pull out her report here. [Link]

Let me know what you think:
From what I hear, it's bringing gut health, weight loss and immunity boosting to a whole nother level.

Your name

PS: If you've interested in losing 10,15 or even 20 pounds without much exercise or changes to your diet, I'm confident Linda's Probiotic formula is going to work magic for you.

Of course, results will vary for different folks but her clients are saying it helps with digestion, IBS, ugly tummy folds and even helps strengthen hair and nails (read their reviews here)!

Short Emails

Subject: (pic) Weird probiotic strain helps you poop 15 pounds of "liquid fat"
Send to un-opens:Can breast milk help you lose weight?


What I'm about to share with you right now will forever change the way you diet..

You're about to discover a simple fat-burning method that helps American women over 40 poop "liquid fat" (losing 12-15 pounds in the process).

...All without joint-bursting exercise or fad diets.

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This unique fat-burning method is for people:

Exercising regularly but still not losing weight
Suffering from uncontrollable cravings
Tired of the lies and scams in the health industry

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