Ever Wondered Why Some People Require 3 Weeks Of Jogging To Lose 10 Pounds

While Others Are Able To Do The Same With Just 15 Minutes of Light Walking Daily?

Take This Short Quiz Below To Find Out:

  • Ever Wondered Why Some People Need 3 Weeks Of Jogging To Lose 10 Pounds, While Others Are Able To Easily Burn Them Off With Just 15 Minutes of Light Brisk Walking Every Day? Take This Short Quiz To Find Out Why:

What Is Weight Loss Potential & Why Is It Important To You?

Your weight loss potential (WLP) percentage determines your body's natural ability to process, burn and metabolize fat. People who score 25% or less have a higher risk of being weight loss resistant.

What Is The Weight Loss Potential Assessment Based On?

The WLP Assessment looks at 5 integral areas of our lives to determine our susceptibility to unexpected weight gain (namely diets, exercise patterns, medications, problems and lifestyle choices). Recommendations and areas of focus will be provided at the end of the quiz for you to accelerate your weight loss based on your determined percentage.

What Are The Key Areas That Affect Weight Loss Potential /Resistance?

The key discovery in "Weight Loss Resistance" was first uncovered while researchers were researching on C-Reactive Protein (inflammation marker) levels in 16,616 overweight subjects. Increased levels of CRP was found to affect our brain's ability to properly receive Leptin (the hunger hormone) which caused subjects to feel hungry even after proper meals. This discovery along with intestinal permeability is a major factor as to why many Americans can't seem to lose weight even though they do everything right (read article).


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