Postburn | Advanced Fat Management Formula


Postburn | Advanced Fat Management Formula

  • Promote natural fat metabolization and usage
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Curb your unhealthy snack cravings
  • Improve your mood state

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Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Paleo Friendly

Postburn 3-Pronged Approach To Effective Fat Loss - Backed By Science
PostBurn contains clinically researched ingredients that have been shown to:

1.Breaking Down Of Fats & Killing Fat Cells
In order for your body to burn and utilize the unwanted fats, it would need to break them down and release them as a usable form, known as free fatty acids.

But when these fats are stored in the body for a long time, the body becomes inefficient in breaking down the fats naturally on its own.

You will thus find it hard to shed your flabs when they accumulated for a long time over the years. It’s also why older folks struggle harder to tap into their stored fat.

The ingredients in Postburn greatly enhances your body’s ability to break down those stored fat into usable fatty acids.

A study published in the Food Science and Biotechnology showed that patients taking caffeine found in Postburn had a consistently higher concentration of free fatty acids. [1] Capsaicin, the active compound of spicy peppers, is a component of Postburn. It was revealed in a study by the Arizona State University, Arizona, USA that capsaicin increases the breakdown of fats. On top of that, it further boosted the energy used by the body, forcing it to break down even more fats.

Your body can finally put those stubborn fat to good use, giving you the energy to do what’s most important to you.

2. Enhances Mobilization & Utilization of Free Fatty Acids
When your stored fat gets broken down into free fatty acids, they need to be utilized and burned as fuel to generate energy. Scientists describe this process of burning fat as fat oxidation. If your free fatty acids are not quickly utilized, they get converted back and stored as big fat chunks.

This is when your metabolism is crucial. The higher your metabolism, the more fatty acids your body burns and eventually the more fats your body loses.

Postburn uses ingredients clinically proven to activate your body’s turbo mode whenever free fatty acids are available.

A study done by the University of Nottingham Medical School, Queen's Medical Centre showed that acetyl L-carnitine in Postburn cut down the usage of glucose and simultaneously increasing fat oxidation as your main source of energy.

Their patients were able to endure their workouts for longer periods and not get tired so easily.

Postburn contains yohimbe, a powerful fatty acid mobilizer supported by a study led by Berlain M from the Medical and Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory in France. This drives more fatty acids into your mitochondria, a component of your cells that oxidizes your fatty acids and generates more energy.

Green tea extract in Postburn was found to trigger your fat cells to boost your body’s energy usage by as much as 750 kJ in 24 hours while boosting their fat oxidation, as researched by Laval University, Canada.

With your body’s metabolism and fat oxidation are enhanced, your peers would be wondering how you could jog for hours effortlessly!

3. Reduces Formation & Storage of Fat
In order to lose fats effectively, you have to burn off more fat and sugars than you gain each day.

This is the key mechanism to maintain your weight loss in the long run. Your body needs to prevent them from being created and stored in the first place.

Otherwise, you will keep gaining back the weight that you lost, and you will have to constantly put in more effort than your “lazy slim friend” who eats more shortcake than you.

Postburn works as your long-term secret weapon; it prevents your body from forming and storing the fats. It even reduces the absorption of sugar from your food. As supported by multiple clinical studies…

A study published in the Obesity Medical Journal had 40 subjects taking yerba mate found in Postburn for 2 months. They observed a huge 30% reduction in the fat accumulated.

In another study done by the ETC Research and Development, Norway, scientists used green coffee bean extract found in Postburn on their patients over 3 months. Their patient’s glucose absorption by a significant 6.9% while they lost more than 5 kg on the average.

Postburn contains rhodiola rosea. From the University of Udine, Italy, researchers found out that rhodiola rosea decreased multiple fat formation triggers such as FGF2 and PPARG.
This means your body will find it a challenge to even create those stubborn fats!

When you take PostBurn every day, it will not only help you to burn more fats, but also keep the fat off for good!

4. How is Postburn different from Provitalize and Previtalize?
Think of your body as a biological engine, that works like a car engine.

Provitalize is the key that turns on your engine, reducing weight loss resistance and unlocking your body’s true fat loss function. This means your weight loss efforts will finally get to show results.

Previtalize is the fuel for Provitalize and your body. It gives Provitalize the fuel for it to burn your fat with even more power. So your Provitalize can burn even more fats quickly now.

Postburn is your motor upgrade. It makes your body more efficient in executing its job. You’d generate even more energy from the fat that your body burns, and your body is more ready to work it out than ever.

Scale up your weight loss journey now!
+Suggested Use
Take 2 capsules daily first thing in the morning. May be taken with or without food. Best taken together with Provitalize.
Store in a cool, dry place. No refrigeration needed.
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What is Postburn™?

Postburn is an advanced fat management supplement that is specially formulated for people who wants to burn extra unwanted fats every day.

When taken together with Provitalize and Previtalize continuously, this combination helps your body to burn fats faster and keep them off for good.


- Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI): 750 mcg

- Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS): 200 mg

- Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin): 25 mcg

- Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate): 100 mcg

- Acetyl-L-Carnitine (as HCI): 250 mg

- Caffeine Anhydrous: 100 mg

- Green Tea (Camilla Sinensis) (Leaf) Extract (45% EGCG, 95% Polyphenols): 100 mg

- Green Coffee (Beans) Extract (standardized to 45% Chlorogenic Acids): 100 mg

- Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: 250 mg

- Garcinia Cambogia (Fruit) Extract (50% Hydroxycitric Acid): 100 mg

- CLA (from Safflower Oil contains 78-84% Conjuglated Linoleic Acid): 100 mg

- Yerba Mate (ilex Paraguariensiz) (Leaf): 37.5 mg

- Rhodiola Rosea (Root): 37.5 mg

- Capsimax® Capsicum Annuum

- Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract: 25 mg

- BioPerine®Black Pepper (Fruit) Extract (95% Piperine): 2.5 mg

- Yohimbine HCI: 1 mg

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 3